Jackie Joson

An artist from the Philippines. I mostly draw Ultraman, other Tokusatsu heroes, and anything that catches my interests. Currently I have a full-time job as a graphic designer, but I do illustrations on the side nowadays, so I'm open for commissions whenever I'm free for it.

A showcase of some personal and collaborative projects I've worked on in my spare time.

Art Commissions

I'm willing to take commissions. However availabilty of commission slots will depend on the workload currently waiting in my queue. You can check my status via Ko-Fi or Twitter, or you can reach out to me for availability. Thank you for your patience.If interested, please read the Commission Terms and Conditions first before reserving a commission slot.

Price List:

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Other Payment Methods:

  • Paypal

  • Maya (Philippines only)

  • GCash (Philippines only)

Commission Terms and Conditions

  • Communication between the artist (Jackie Joson/dotemcee) and client is expected. The client is required to make their descriptions clear and as detailed as possible. If available, visual references are preferred, but are not required.

  • By commissioning the artist, the client has agreed that all commissioned work are for NON-COMMERCIAL USE only, and shall be treated as such. If the client has intentions of commissioning works for profit/commercial use, an individual contract must be written beforehand. Commission prices will be doubled when the client chooses to commission the artist's work for commercial use.

  • The artist does not claim any ownership of any intellectual property (characters, designs, etc.) unless it is stated otherwise. However, the artist does claim full rights for the image being commissioned, and will be used to showcase in online portfolios or elsewhere that involves promotion. The artist will ensure that the commissioned image will not be reproduced for prints, tshirts, stickers or on any other merchandise.

  • The client CANNOT fully claim the work under the contract as their own, or use it for commercial-related projects unless stated otherwise. All non-commercial commissions will be ensured between the artist and client that no profit will come from the artist's work to the client. The client is required to leave a credit to the artist, preferably a link to any of the artist's social media accounts or website.

  • The artist has the right to refuse an order without offering any explanation.

  • The artist reserves the right to cancel the commission during process due to any of the following reasons: rude/inappropriate behavior, poor communication, or a breach in the terms and conditions.

  • All commission processes may take between one (1) week to a month. Any possible extensions beyond that will be informed to the client by the artist.

  • If client's commission is time-sensitive, then the artist makes this order a top priority. However the artist will determine whether the client's date of deadline is acceptable depending on the level of detail given in the Commission Terms and Conditions and further negotiations will be needed when determined otherwise.

  • Refunds can only be requested anytime DURING the commission process and right BEFORE the finalized work is shown. The artist will not do refunds when the project is at near completion.

  • Requests for minor revisions are free of charge during the commission process. Errors from the artist's mistakes after the project can be corrected and is also free of charge.

  • The artist cannot accept requests containing subjects that are NSFW or "Not safe for work". (e.g. porn, hentai, fetish art, guro/gore, etc.)

  • The artist cannot accept requests containing subjects that are offensive in nature.

  • The artist cannot accept projects that involve, promote or have any association towards blockchain-related technology, cryptocurrency, and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). And any use of my artwork for advertising and/or earning profit through the use of blockchain-related technology, cryptocurrency and NFTs is strictly prohibited.

  • Raw files (.psd, .clip) will only be provided upon the request of the client after the project is completed.

  • If you prefer to pay via Paypal: An invoice will be sent to the client upon accepting the artist's response. Commission shall be paid upfront either in partial or in full upon agreement to the contract. Work will not begin until the client pays first. If paid in partial, client is expected to pay the next half before the finalized, watermarked-free work will be presented. The client is also free to apply an additional tip if satisfied by the artist's service.

  • Further harassment towards the artist will result in the commission be cancelled, a refund be issued, and the client's name be blacklisted from future commissions.

For any questions, comments and/or concerns regarding the terms and conditions, please contact the artist.


If you have any questions, comments and/or concerns, please reach out to me through either the following below: